COVID-19: Frequently asked questions and answers related to bookings and travel during the coronavirus pandemic

Can I reschedule my booked GoOpti transfer to another date?

Unfortunately, the system only allows cancellations and repurchases. All transports from 15.3. further were canceled and refunded with a discount code of 100% of the purchase value. From 1.7. further we’ll start with our private transfers on all GoOpti routes. We will be adding shared transfers gradually on the routes on which the demand and the epidemiological situation of the neighboring countries will allow it. You can check the availability of shared transfers at

The discount code I received is too low. Is it possible to get one with a higher amount?

Upon cancellation, we have sent you a 100% discount code based on the amount paid. If your received code is lower than the amount paid, please inform us via our chat so that we can correct the error. Please include your reservation number in the message, on the basis of which we will change the discount code. This also applies to anyone who used a discount code when booking the canceled transfer.

Can I receive a refund for an already booked ride?

If your transport has been canceled, you have received a discount code in the amount of the total purchase price of your transfer. By accepting the code you’ll help us survive, and thus continue to offer safe and reliable transfers to nearby airports. The duration of the discount codes has been extended until 31 December 2022, as we really want to provide you with the quality transport you were used to, on a given occasion.